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Welcome to the world of Camilla vander M, a renowned Communication, and Interview Coach whose expertise has helped more than 3000 interview candidates succeed. With over 20 years of experience in the corporate and industrial sector in Africa and the Middle East, Camilla offers practical insights and unique strategies in her training and coaching programs to help individuals and organizations excel in the job market.


As a graduate in Drama and Production, Camilla brings vibrancy, humor, and relatable engagement to her clients. Her deep understanding of successful communication and interview techniques makes her highly sought-after for her knowledge in client/customer encounters and negotiation skills.

Since relocating to the UAE in 2014, Camilla has been dedicated to providing private and group communication training and coaching services. She has also completed a Business Coaching diploma to further enhance the impact of her training programs. Get in touch with Camilla now to advance your communication and interview skills and unlock your potential for success in your next job interview.

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