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I help executives and seasoned employees get promoted by refreshing their interview skills to suit the job they are applying for.

Is an executive position on the horizon for you? Are you preparing for an upcoming interview for a role such as CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, VP, Head of, or other executive positions? (2).png

At our coaching center, we have extensive experience in preparing Senior Management and Executives for their big interviews. We work with you to build compelling narratives and showcase your leadership qualities, setting you apart from the competition. Our focus is on helping you answer competency-based questions with rich, insightful examples and develop your gravitas through refining body language and improving speaking speed. Additionally, we help you integrate your philosophy and vision as a leader into your answers.

One-on-One Interview sessions

  • Mock interviews with constructive feedback

  • Overcoming nervousness and anxiety

  • Developing high-impact answers

  • Answering competency-based questions with depth and structure

  • Managing blanking or panicking mid-interview

  • Demonstrating strong and positive body language

  • Delivering answers with confidence and conviction

  • Preparing for face-to-face, telephone, group, presentations, and Skype interviews

  • Tailored coaching to excel in any interview setting

Cost: $174/hr
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