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Exclusive New Job Interview eBook

Nail The Interview- The Ultimate Interview Guide

For just $ 3.99, I Will Send You a Step-By-Step Formula For Answering

No B.S...No Fluff...

Just Proven, Easy to Follow Answers to all your Interview Questions. From a Leading Communication & Interview Coach

I have written this eBook because I am TIRED OF SEEING STRUGGLING JOB SEEKERS fail in their job interviews.  I know how many of you are trying to IMPROVE YOUR LIFE with a BETTER JOB and a BIGGER SALARY …but can’t afford the expensive training to get there!


By making Nail the Interview affordable, I hope to Level the Playing Field and provide you with the Tools you need to Succeed.

8 How to Answer The 10 Targeted Questions- so you can demonstrate your ambition and goals to the interviewer!

Hey, Coach Camilla here!

How to Answer The 8 Trait based Questions- the questions that uncover if you are the "right fit" for this job!

And... How to Answer The 10 "Tell Me About Yourself Questions"- a simple strategy for talking about past experiences (predicts how you will behave in this new job)

It’s Time To Stop The Search and Get The Job!

Get your copy of this comprehensive guide & discover the STEP-BY-STEP FORMULA to use when answering every single one of your Interview Questions!

How to Master the 12 Typical Interview Questions- the questions you are guaranteed to get!

You will Learn to Answer all your Interview Questions by just Following these easy to use Scrpts!

"Why are you applying to this role.?"  What you already know about the company, and how you believe your skills will suit their needs. (Page 10)

"What is your 5 yr. career plan/goal?"  How to communicate a general direction and not a rigid plan. (Page 15

"What are your salary expectations?"  How to answer this question when the salary has not been listed in the job post! (Page 23)

"What motivates you?"  An easy-to-follow formula to answer this tricky question! (Page 30)

"Why have you changed jobs so often?"  How to explain your job-hopping history! (Page 34)

"Explain all the gaps in your CV"  How to use those "gaps" to your advantage (Page 37)

"Do you know anyone who works at this company?"  How to answer this question when you do! (Page 47)


And that's just the First 59 Pages...

You'll Also Get 3 Bonus Templates To Help You...

  • Research The Company,
  • Write Your Cover Letter, &
  • Send Your Thank You Email (7).png

Investing this amount in your future has never been EASIER

There's no catch... no trial or memberships...

Get your copy today- Nail your Interview Tomorrow!


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